BOH Village

BOH VILLAGE, the point of encounter between man and nature.

With this project our Company is aiming to respond to a real, present-day problem.  For many years now we have been witnessing a slow but progressive collective awareness of man’s impact on nature.

BOH VILLAGE is an innovative village, consisting of eco-friendly architectural elements set in a natural environment.

We take into consideration not only the architectural structure of the building but also the understanding of the surrounding area.

It will consequently become a valid green project for the enhancement and redevelopment of different areas with the possibility of various intended uses.

BOH VILLAGE’s aim is to imprint a unique experience on the visitor, thus making him rediscover the benefits of nature.

At first its utilization will be as tourist accommodation, especially in the branch of eco-tourism.

NEXT STEP – BOH Village, Val Calamento

The pilot project for this product will take place in Telve (TN) in the Val Calamento area, at the foot of Passo Manghen.

In this case BOH VILLAGE will become an expansion of an existing hotel.

In August 2019 the project received the initial approval from the local landscape protection.

The project involves the realization of the building as described and the local requalification of the private area due to the damages caused by the Vaia storm in 2018.

BOH VILLAGE will therefore be presented not only as an Eco luxury-suite Resort but also as an Alpine Park.  A significant starting point for various naturalistic connections with important local realities such as the Valtrigona WWF Oasis (the only WWF oasis in the whole Alpine region).

Work in Progress

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