residential solutions

BOH LAB proposes, in line with the company philosophy, a design linked to Biophilic design, that is an innovative current that places the relationship between man and nature at the center of its design practices (conception).

The term “biophilic” literally means “who loves life”.

Design that, as studies confirm, is positive for the human being, which benefits from it on an emotional and psychological level because it relieves feelings of isolation, tension, apathy.

The interior designer is not only concerned with the concept of a venue but also with its functionality.

We express our philosophy through the design of private homes, office spaces, commercial places, restaurants and outdoor spaces.

The use of natural and eco-sustainable materials is of primary importance to us in order to give the customer a well-being experience in full respect of nature.

BOHLAB also offers two predefined moodboards in light and dark tones to create more natural and bright environments than others that are more elegant and full of character.

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